“Winter in Eden are the best female-fronted symphonic rock band Britain has to offer right now”

- Classic Rock Magazine -

“The patronage of the biggest act in female-fronted symph prog must be earned and sure enough, Winter in Eden fulfil their side of the bargain”

- Prog Magazine -


....a dark yet beautiful cocktail of power and passion.

Their music builds from delightful symphonic instrumentals to crunching aggressive Metal. It is identifiable by its compelling vocals, muscular riffs, memorable hooks, swirling keyboards together with pounding bass and thunderous drums.

Between 2009 and 2013, Winter in Eden had released two full-length albums, two EP’s and have entertained fans with numerous tours and festival appearances. The debut album 'Awakening' was recognised as one of the albums of the year. The track 'Lies', from 'Echoes of Betrayal' was awarded Classic Rock Magazine’s 'track of the day' and they have been nominated for ‘Best New Band’ (2012/2013), ‘Best Live Act’ (2013/2014) and ‘Best Female Singer’ (2012/2013/2014) at the annual Classic Rock Society Awards.

Towards the end of 2014, Winter In Eden released their highly anticipated third studio album ‘Court of Conscience’. Recorded in Holland, it contains eleven songs which build and further refine the unique style that is Winter in Eden. Produced by Ruud Jolie (Within Temptation) and mixed by Stefan Helleblad (Within Temptation), it contains live strings and features guest vocals by Jermain van der Bogt (For All We Know/Ayreon) and Nathaly Heijne with an unmistakeable narrative by multi-award winning Damian Wilson (Threshold/Headspace/Maiden United). The result is powerful, modern and balanced. The album continues to be extremely well received as evidenced by Guitar Techniques Magazine who made it their ‘Album of the Month’ and Powerplay Magazine who awarded it a full score of ten. The track ‘Before It Began’ has been playlisted on BBC Radio both regionally and nationally and was featured by ‘Whispering’ Bob Harris (OBE) on his BBC Radio 2 show.

Winter In Eden’s energetic live performances have been enjoyed throughout the UK and Europe alongside many artists including Stream Of Passion (NL), The Pineapple Thief (UK) and Coma (PL). When not playing to capacity crowds whilst touring, they can often be witnessed captivating new fans on festival stages. Most notably, during main-stage performances at Cambridge Rock Festival, The Dames of Darkness Festival and when chosen to headline the UK’s first ever Symphonic Rock/Metal festival: Northern Symphony.

Winter In Eden's next album will be released May 2019. More information soon.



Vicky Johnson as known by Sam Cull

I first met Vicky when she joined a prog rock/covers band I’d been playing with for a few months. Steve and Vicky both joined at the same time as we needed a keyboard player too. As soon as we had played the first song it was obvious that we’d found a very talented vocalist. Not only that but she is also an incredibly talented pianist, playing some additional keys on some tracks, and all-round musician.

We had been playing for a while in that band but we never really had our own style and so we eventually drifted apart. Then a few months down the line I was contacted by Vicky to ask if I wanted to be the guitarist in a new project. Of course knowing I’d be playing with great players I jumped at the chance and Winter In Eden was born.

Vicky is a very straight forward and, 'to the point' person, which is the kind of person I get on with as you always know what she thinks and where you stand. She’s also incredibly generous and is always happy to help out with anything anyone has any problems with. Along with Ian, she keeps the rest of us in check and is the chief organiser of the band.

Musically, Vicky is fantastic. Her vocal melody lines are always fitting to the music, but not always the obvious, and so she keeps everything interesting. She’s never short of ideas and is very passionate about how she feels a song should develop (always good for keeping myself in order as I have a tendency to go off on a tangent at times). As mentioned earlier Vicky is also a classically trained pianist and is always full of ideas to add to the keyboards or a guitar melody.


Lastly, but most definitely not least, is her voice. Vicky has a very interesting and unique voice with a lot of body and an instantly recognisable tone. If you hear the vocal, you can tell it’s a Winter In Eden track! Of all the things Vicky brings to the table, her voice is most definitely her greatest asset and live she never puts a note wrong which is just incredible!

Without Vicky there would not be a Winter In Eden, it’s a simple as that.

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SteveJ2014 thumb.jpg
Steve Johnson as known by Ian Heddle

The first time I met Steve ‘Stevie J ’ was at the first rehearsal Wayne and myself attended for the band that was shortly to become Winter In Eden. My first thoughts on Steve were that it was good to see someone who was actually a keyboard player – someone who didn’t just bash out block chords to fill in space like a rhythm guitarist. Instead here was someone who put a lot of thought and effort into the parts he played, the voices he chooses and the layering of the sounds.

This is even more so when he is not restricted to two hands and is using the computers to build up arrangements which can sometimes stretch to dozens of individual and carefully planned parts. In essence, Steve is the keyboard player and chief orchestrator of the band. I think he’s a frustrated film score writer. The parts that Steve writes add an extra dimension to the Winter In Eden sound, they can add a range of layers and emotions and all with unique a sense of melody and style.

He loves his toys - one man can never have enough keyboards! Steve's studio seems to expand on a regular basis with keyboards, rack gear and computer equipment – all put to good use for the band and he also has a good range in vest tops!

Steve is very passionate about his music and the band and can get very frustrated when we have the occasional problem or a hitch with a venue or promoter, but I think this is only because he doesn’t want the audience to have anything less than the best experience when they come to see us perform.

Steve is also Captain of the SS Windelfel

Ian Heddle as known by Vicky Johnson

When I first met Ian I thought he was friendly but quiet. I remember asking him what he thought about Mark King and he thought that he was, "a bit too flashy" for his liking to which I responded, “we would have to agree to disagree” because the man is a legend in my eyes.

It took a while for me to get to know Ian. He is an incredibly private person. He is definitely a mediator and tries to find the middle ground for the sake of the band. On the other hand, if he really believes in something then he will speak up and not back down. I really admire that because being in a band is all about compromise and he does, but it is so important not to compromise what you believe in. Saying that, I still feel that there is a lot I don’t know about Ian and he is not the kind of person to volunteer information. You have to specifically ask him a question and don’t be surprised if the answer is simply “yes” or “no”.

He is an unbelievably talented musician. The bass guitar is not his main instrument. He is a classically trained pianist but in a former band, they needed a bass player so he learnt to play bass. He is focused and has the ability to listen and write what the song needs, not what necessarily shows off his skills. I think the bass lines he is starting to write are becoming unique to him. He won’t just play it safe and I would have confidence in him to play any bass line no matter how complicated. Ian loves to perform and comes alive on stage giving 110% to every performance.

He is a machine. If you are writing a song, it will be Ian that remembers the arrangement of the song and the chords after playing it through only once, even if it was weeks ago. Not only that, he is hard-working and never stops. I don’t think he knows how to say “no”. He can always be relied upon to put the band first. Ian puts in a lot of work behind the scenes which can be a thankless task but he takes it in his stride and doesn’t want or need praise.

He doesn’t have an ego and that’s refreshing.

Although he may the member of the band that fans probably feel they know the least, he should not be underestimated and is an essential part of the Winter In Eden team.

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SteveH2014 thumb.jpg
Steve Hauxwell as known by Steve Johnson

It was apparent, even after the first few rehearsals, that Steve would fast become an important member of Winter In Eden. He spent a lot of time getting up to speed with the current setlists and used his own drumming style to give the old songs a new lift without losing our familiar sound. He has also taken on more of the non-musical workload of being in a band. Further, he has slotted perfectly into the writing process, the results of which can be heard in our third full-length album, Court Of Conscience. His dedication for simply travelling from Wales to the North East of England for rehearsals, recording, meetings etc would not be an option for many.

His live performance is something of a spectacle too! His maiden performance took us by surprise, as we did not realise how much of a showman he was. With stick throwing (and catching of course), standing up to the hype the crowd and the release of all that energy (from all the kebabs consumed on the way to the venue) he doesn’t want to be hidden behind the scaffolding that is needed to hold his huge drum kit in place.

Mr Steve “F flat” “The Moose” Hauxwell aka “Shaft” is a really great guy, has a fantastic sense of humour and has got more nicknames than the rest of us put together! As to how he got those nicknames is another story ….

Steve uses Amedia cymbals and is a proud member of the Liberty Drums family


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